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What should be in my backpack for the DiscoverEU Interrail trip?

Hello there! It is me, Erdem. In this article, I will talk about what was in my bag on the DiscoverEU Interrail trip I made in August 2022. The preparation you make before starting your Interrail journey is so significant. I will answer questions such as if we should buy an internet package if we should travel with a suitcase, and what we should take with us in this article.

Should I go with a suitcase or a backpack?

Do not set off with a suitcase! On your DiscoverEU Interrail trip, you will quickly travel to multiple countries. The suitcase is definitely not suitable for Interrail trip. I do not recommend using a suitcase because your stay in the countries that you visit will be short and you will need to travel with your stuff to many places during the journey.

How should a backpack be?

Back Support

Make sure that the backpack that you will use has back support. During my travels, I used 2 bags. One was a regular school bag, and the other was a sizeable 80L bag. The combined weight of both bags was 25 kg. Sometimes we had to walk for 6-7 hours with our bags. My bag did not have any back support, so more weight was on my shoulders. I recommend that you get a backpack with back support for both your health and a more comfortable journey as soon as possible.

 DiscoverEU Interrail trip
A picture from Hungary with 2 bags weighing 25 kg!

Antiperspirant Surface

This is usually the biggest problem for those who travel with backpacks. Try to choose backpacks which is allowing air circulation on the back surface as much as possible. Although, there are backpacks produced, specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately, none of them work.

Reinforce the straps

Reinforce the straps of your backpack by sewing new stitches. There have been times when I had to search for needles and threads for a long time when the straps of my backpack broke. Although the backpack I bought was one of the highest quality ones, we had such a problem. So take precautions as much as possible.

Make sure the backpack has a place to attach a mat

You will always need a sleeping mat during your journey. Pay attention to the mat attachment of your backpack. Make sure it is there.

Let your backpack be as light as possible!

The weight of the first backpack I prepared was 40 kg. Later, I removed many things that I thought were unnecessary. The total weight of the two bags was 25 kg. I realized on the way that I could make it even lighter. So, before setting off, try to lighten your backpack as much as possible. Remove everything that you think you won’t use or you can get on the way from your bag.

discovereu interrail trip

What should be in your bag?

We can list the things that commonly need to be in your backpack as follows:

  • Your clothes
  • Sunglasses (if you are going to travel in summer)
  • Mat
  • Neck pillow
  • Your hygiene items (toothbrush, soap, etc.)
  • Slippers
  • Towel
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues
  • A lot of bags (you can also put a roll of garbage bags)
  • Passport (I’m not sure if I should mention it, but many people are forgetting it 🙁)
  • Canned food (if you are going on an economical and adventurous journey as I mentioned in this article)
  • Deck of cards (or other things to spend time on the train)
  • Needle and thread (don’t ask why. We looked for it for 2 hours in Hungary. You’ll see if you need it :))

Should I get an internet package for DiscoverEU Interrail trip?

When you set off on an Interrail trip, you will be going to multiple countries. I would advise getting a phone line for one country and comfortably using it for 7-8 Euros, but unfortunately, the packages that are valid throughout Europe are generally very expensive. For example, 10GB for 50 Euros is an absurdly high price. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend getting an internet package. There are many free Wi-Fi hotspots in many cities throughout Europe. Just do not forget that most trains do not have internet. So, don’t even think about setting off without downloading your series or movies 🙂

I still have so many questions. Where can I get information?

If you totally explore Kovan, I’m sure you’ll find the answers to your questions in the articles. But if you still have questions and can’t find the answers, we welcome you to come to have tea or coffee at the BTM (see Also, you can join our Telegram and Whatsapp groups via the links below to chat with other young people who are going on a DiscoverEU trip or to keep up with our updates.





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